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The Float Pod- The easiest Way to Relax

When you step into your personal flotation pod, you won’t be fighting gravity. The 1000+ pounds of Epsom Salt in the water supports you as you lie on your back. The water is kept at skin temperature, ~93.5 degrees, which means you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins. Your ears stay just below the water (with waterproof earplugs) and the rooms are insulated against sound, so noise from the outside world doesn’t reach you. After you close the lid, you simply float. For an hour, or more, the outside world is gone, and amazing things happen. It turns out that when you’re not fighting gravity or constantly taking in information, your body has a lot of extra resources at its disposal; your mind is able to unwind and flow freely without distraction, your brain pumps out dopamine and endorphins, and your body gets to rest, de-stress, and heal.

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